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2nd Album


1. Gate Of California

2. Dazzling Rules Of Solar System

3. Arnold Asakusanegger

4. 293 Steps

5. Super Precise Factory

6. Krillin Manson

7. Nuked

8. Stone Age Tampopong

9. U.S.K (Universal Studio Korea)

10. Krillin Is Ganjaman

11. Revolving Lantern

12. Bridges To The Bugs Of Human's Bag In Back To The Future2.............And Justice For All

13. Nippori IKEA

14. 7=5

15. Culkin .Part 1

16. Culkin .Part2

17. Face In The Raman Noodle

18. CalifornicationⅡ

19. You

20. The Addams Family

21. Street Fighter Ⅱ TANBO

22. IKEA

23. Fucking Me

24. How Are You?


November 2012

Produced by sajjanu

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Kohhan Ohtake

Artwork by Kenichiro Mizuno

1st Album


November 2009

1. Mechanical Tampopong

2. Pechiku off of McCoy's Dragon
3. City Hotel Tabata
4. Sylvester Stallone
5. Shinachiku Spuit



Released from TZADIK rabel

Produced by sajjanu

Recorded by Kohhan Ohtake

Mixed, and Mastered by Tetsuya Suzuki

Artwork by Makiko Tanaka

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